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DGH Building Services is the paramount choice for those seeking Top Builders in Farnborough. We are specialists in House Extensions and Home Renovations, Remodelling your Home to custom fit your future lifestyle.

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By choosing DGH Building Services Ltd for your Builders in Farnborough, Hampshire, you’re investing in a company that prioritises excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results has earned us a reputation as the go-to builders in Farnborough.

Our expert team is ready to discuss your project, offer personalised solutions, and provide a free consultation. Experience construction and renovation like never before with DGH Building Services Ltd.

Local Steel Beam Installation in Farnborough

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So if you’re looking for dependable builders in Farnborough, we are happy to arrange a free, no obligation consultation to provide valuable advice on the most effective  way to proceed with your building project, whilst answering and addressing any questions you could have.

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RSJ Installation in Farnborough, Hampshire

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Learn More about RSJ Steel Beam Installation in Farnborough

A steel beam, often referred to as an RSJ (Rolled Steel Joist) or an I-beam, is a structural component made of steel. It is commonly used in construction to provide support and stability to structures, such as buildings and bridges, by carrying heavy loads and distributing them safely.

Steel beam installation is necessary when a structure requires additional support or when load-bearing walls need to be removed to create open spaces. It is also used in building extensions, mezzanine floors, and roof support systems.

The size and type of steel beam are determined by factors such as the span it needs to cover, the load it will bear, and the architectural design of the building. Structural engineers and architects collaborate to specify the appropriate beam size and type based on these factors.

Steel beam installation typically involves the following steps:

a. Site Assessment: A structural engineer assesses the site to determine the load requirements and design specifications.

b. Fabrication: Custom steel beams are fabricated according to the project’s specifications.

c. Preparing the Site: The area where the beam will be installed is prepared, which may involve removing existing structural elements.

d. Installation: The steel beam is hoisted into place and secured using bolts or welding, ensuring it is level and properly supported.

e. Inspection: The installation is inspected to ensure it meets safety and building code standards.

To ensure safety and quality, it is essential to hire experienced professionals, including structural engineers and certified steel beam installers. Additionally, adherence to local building codes and regulations is crucial to meet safety standards.

No, steel beam installation is not limited to large-scale projects. It is used in a wide range of construction projects, from residential home renovations and extensions to commercial buildings. The size and type of the beam vary based on the project’s specific needs.

Yes, load-bearing walls can be replaced with steel beams to create open-concept designs. This process involves careful planning and structural engineering to ensure the load is properly supported and distributed.

Steel beams offer several advantages, including high strength, durability, versatility, and the ability to create large, open spaces without the need for numerous support columns. They are also fire-resistant and have a long lifespan.

The cost of steel beam installation varies widely based on factors like beam size, project complexity, location, and labor costs. To get an accurate estimate, it’s recommended to consult with structural engineers and construction professionals who can provide a detailed quote based on your specific project requirements.

Steel beams are relatively low-maintenance. Regular inspections for signs of corrosion or damage are recommended. Depending on the environment, applying protective coatings may be necessary to prevent rust. It’s best to consult with professionals for maintenance guidelines specific to your location and conditions.

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When it comes to dominating the Area for Builders in Farnborough, DGH Building Services Ltd takes the lead. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, combined with our unparalleled industry expertise, has made us the preferred choice among Farnborough residents and businesses.


F.A.Q. on Builders in Farnborough

Why we are your Top Builders in Farnborough

DGH Building Services in Farnborough is a reputable construction company with a proven track record of delivering high-quality building projects in the area.

DGH Building Services in Farnborough provides a comprehensive range of construction services, including new builds, renovations, extensions, and general building maintenance.

 You can reach us in Farnborough by calling 01252 227225 or by emailing There is also a physical office located at Westmead House, Farnborough, Hampshire UK where you can schedule an in-person meeting.

Absolutely! Being Your local builders in Farnborough, we are proud of past projects and can provide you with a portfolio showcasing our work in the area. Additionally, we can arrange visits to some of our completed projects to give you a firsthand look at their craftsmanship.

Yes, DGH Building in Farnborough typically offers warranties or guarantees on the building of extensions or renovations, new builds and all construction services provided. They stand by the quality of their work, and details about warranties will be outlined in your contract.

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House Extensions experts covering Surrey and Hampshire

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