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Experience the mastery of DGH Building Services, your premier RSJ and steel installation specialists in Chertsey, Surrey. Our team of highly skilled builders and engineers employs advanced techniques to deliver unmatched structural solutions for home extensions, renovations, and new builds. Known for our commitment to excellence and precision, we transform residential and commercial spaces by integrating superior quality RSJ and steel structures. With over 35 years of industry experience, our expertise in the Surrey building sector is unrivalled. We seamlessly blend innovation, craftsmanship, and durability, consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. Whether it’s reinforcing structural integrity or implementing bespoke design elements, DGH Building Services is your trusted partner in Chertsey for all RSJ and steel installation needs. Embrace the longevity and aesthetic appeal of our top-tier steel solutions for your next building project.

Understanding RSJs

RSJs, also known as I-beams or universal beams, are structural steel beams with an "I" or "H" shape. They are manufactured by rolling or extruding steel into the desired shape, resulting in a beam that is strong, durable, and capable of withstanding heavy loads. RSJs are commonly used in construction due to their excellent load-bearing capabilities and versatility.

Load-Bearing Structures

RSJs are widely used in constructing load-bearing walls, floors, and roofs. Their high strength-to-weight ratio makes them ideal for supporting heavy loads and transferring them safely to the foundation.

Structural Modifications

RSJs are employed when altering or expanding existing structures. They provide additional support and stability, allowing for the removal of load-bearing walls or the creation of open-plan spaces.

Transformative Steel Beam Installation | DGH Building Services

We are the first contact before you think about installing a bi Fold door. We often transform dark and dingy kitchen’s into open plan bright centers of home filled. We also remove chimney breasts and we find the most of the time you will have to do type of structural reform which requires steel beam installation to your property.

We are experts in Steel beam installation and provide the highest quality engineering services. We ensure all steel beam installation works are supervised by qualified engineers with a wealth of construction experience.

We provide structural calculations, preparation and Building control submission, and all steel beam installations are fully project managed by our skilled team.

If you require any structural  steel beam installation contact us now. RSJ’s are our specialty 

Strength and Durability

RSJ Steels is known for its exceptional strength and impressive abilities in structural steel fabrication. They specialize in designing and manufacturing steel components with outstanding load-bearing capacity and durability. Their steel beams, columns, and other structural elements are engineered to withstand significant pressure, making them ideal for construction, industrial projects, and infrastructure development. RSJ Steels offers customized solutions tailored to meet clients' specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and structural integrity. With a reputation for delivering superior products and a focus on innovation, RSJ Steels is a trusted industry leader in strength and capability.

RSJ Installation

Trust DGH Building Services for expert RSJ steel installation services. Serving Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and London, we specialise in precision installations for residential and commercial properties. Our professional team excels in technical expertise, attention to detail, and safety compliance. Count on us for superior RSJ steel installations! Contact us today to find out more!

We offer a full design and build package or just prepare, calculate and install just the steel beams where necessary. We often get contracting in just to do the steel work only for a keen DIY’er. We undertake any RSJ  install.  

RSJ installation generally involves the modifications to the structural support of the surrounding building to accommodate your planned opening of spaces where you choose to open around your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DGH Building Services offers a wide range of building services including construction, renovation, refurbishment, property maintenance, and repairs. We also provide consultancy and advisory services for your property projects.

We are proudly based in Farnham, Surrey, and our professional building services extend to a variety of nearby towns and areas. We provide our range of services to Aldershot, Guildford, Godalming, Farnborough, Camberley, Haslemere, Bordon, Alton, and Fleet, among others. If you’re located in or around these areas, we’re here to cater to your building needs. If your location is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we can confirm if our services extend to your specific location.”

Yes, we provide free, no-obligation quotes. Contact us to discuss your project and we will provide a detailed estimate.

Yes, we are fully insured and licensed. We adhere to all industry regulations to ensure the safety and quality of our work.

We prioritize health and safety. Our staff are trained in the latest safety protocols and we strictly adhere to all industry health and safety standards.

The timeline for a building project can vary based on its complexity and size. We will provide an estimated timeline after assessing your project details.

Yes, we offer consultancy and advisory services and can assist with the planning and design stage of your project.

We are committed to sustainability and can work with a range of eco-friendly and sustainable materials on request.

Yes, DGH Building Services is experienced in both residential and commercial construction projects.

As a professional building service based in Farnham, Surrey, we are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship, exceptional customer service, and we adhere to the best practices in the industry. We handle every aspect of your project with utmost care and attention to detail.

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Ema Romero

"As an architect, I had the privilege of collaborating with DGH Building Services on a recent project, and their commitment to excellence and attention to detail were truly remarkable. They flawlessly brought my architectural vision to life, delivering impeccable craftsmanship and strong communication throughout. I highly recommend DGH Building Services to fellow architects and clients for their professionalism and expertise."



Ann Smith

"DGH Building Services turned my extension dream into a reality! Their team was incredibly professional and attentive throughout the entire process. They seamlessly incorporated my design ideas and delivered exceptional craftsmanship. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and highly recommend DGH Building Services for any construction project."



Alice Howard

"DGH Building Services delivered beyond my expectations with my summer extension. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship impressed me. They kept me informed throughout, and the end result seamlessly integrates with my existing structure. Highly recommended!"


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Nathan Marshall

"I recently worked with DGH Building Services for a home renovation project, and I'm highly impressed. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional craftsmanship were outstanding. From start to finish, they managed everything flawlessly, exceeding my expectations. I highly recommend DGH Building Services for their reliable and top-notch construction services."

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